Custom Built Azek Planter

Custom Built Azek Planter
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If you're tired of replacing your cheap planters after they fall apart every year or so, you should look into one of my custom built Azek planters.

These custom built planters were built using Azek trim, which is usually used in home and deck construction. Azek has an estimated shelf life of 30 - 40 (or longer) years before it even begins to rot, which for all intents and purposes is a life time. Because it is a special type of PVC composite, it mimics wood but is resistant to normal weathering such as expansion and contraction which usually happens in wood, not even the weather (save maybe a fire) can make it fall apart.

Even termites, carpenter bees, ants and other pests of nature will not eat through these. They are held together with a jointing compound which is normally used for window and door frames. There are no nails or screws.

You can leave these things out all year round, watch moss or mildew grow on it, and it will still not rot or collapse. As of now, I do not offer any custom paint colors. Just the standard white Aztek decking and housing trim.

These planters would make for a great gift for you or someone who is an avid or professional gardener!


Width: 10.50"
Height: 7.50"
Length: 24.00"

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