Concertina - TOY miniature replica - present
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Concertina - TOY miniature replica - present

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Concertina is an elegant musical instrument of the accordion type. Concertina was born in England in the early 19 th century. It was invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone.The tool had buttons of ivory, hexagonal mahogany body, valves decorated with mother of pearl, and levers made of silver. It was an academic instrument, classical works were played on it in musical salons, both in accompaniment of piano and in ensembles. Among the musically educated people the concertina has gained wide popularity. But, at the same time, it remained a very expensive tool. Around the same time in 1834, Karl Friedrich Uhlig concocted his concertina, square in shape. The buttons in it corresponded only to the white piano keys. There were five of them on each side.The following year, a hybrid of a six-sided English form and German "folk" content appeared.The Anglo-German concertina quickly spread almost everywhere.By the beginning of the 20th century, concertina practically disappears. However, the revival of it soon begins as a national instrument for the Scots and the Irish. For national music, the Anglo-German variant is used. Concertina is now considered one of the most popular instruments in Ireland.Size 4*7 cm.It is A TOY. It DOESN'T PLAY music.


Width: 4.00cm
Length: 7.00cm

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