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How do I configure "My Custom Shipping"?

Last Updated: 08/13/2011

You can set custom shipping costs in the event that multiple items are purchased from your store in the same transaction. The primary shipping cost is the value of shipping the item alone. The secondary shipping cost is the added value when items are purchased and shipped together ("if shipped ...

How does the "Automated Shipping Calculations" work?

Last Updated: 08/05/2011

This is a free tool provided by Craft is Art that allows you to collect accurate shipping fees based on information such as weight (including packaging), origination zip code and handling fee. Rates are provided on real-time by our supported shipping carriers, failure to provide accurate info...

Can I ship my items using my preferred shipping carrier?

Last Updated: 12/14/2010

Absolutely!. Inside your account you have the option to choose your preferred shipping method, you can use the Automatic Shipping Calculations or set your own fixed shipping costs by selecting "My Custom Shipping Method".

I listed my item as "Free Shipping" with UPS, does that mean I have to ship it using UPS?

Last Updated: 12/13/2010

Not necessarily. If your items are listed with the ASC (Automated Shipping Calculations) tool and you are offering free shipping as one of your options, at checkout time, buyers are presented with a list of options to select from based on the items in their shopping cart and the weight you specif...

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