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Last Updated: 08/22/2011

What is the "Free Shipping" Add-On?

When you list an item you have two options for shipping, one is the Automated Shipping Calculations and the other is My Custom Shipping. If your choice is the Automated Shipping Calculations (ASC) and you enable the "Free Shipping" option for the item being listed, an extra option will be added to the list of shipping methods available from the selected shipping carrier.

The Free Shipping add-on enables all the "Free Shipping" features for a listing:

1. Your item can be filtered by "Free Shipping". Users looking for items that ship free can use the filters available on the site.
2. Your item displays the "Free Shipping" tag making your listing stand out from the rest and letting buyers know your item ships for free.
3. Your item displays "Free Shipping" green label on the item page.

Free Shipping By Country

If you want to offer free shipping on specific countries, then use the "My Custom Shipping" option and enter 0.00 on the "Primary" and "Secondary" shipping boxes of each country you want to offer your item to ship for free.

If you use the "Free Shipping" option with the "Automated Shipping Calculations", free shipping will be available only to users living in the United States of America.

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