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Jewelry by Amber Yearwood

Though I am self-taught, all of my jewelry is made with the finest workmanship possible: I personally make every item myself, as if for myself. Working in this way, I can be assured that my creations meet my own personal standards before leaving my hands.

All of my raw metals (wire, sheet, etc.) are recycled/reclaimed metal, and I never use any harsh chemicals during the fabrication process.

It brings me such pleasure to bring beauty into other people's lives by way of my little creations. I try to reflect this through my work, and it ends up that a bit of my heart goes out with each piece I create.


Rating: 2Rating: 2 2 of 5 by mkcrocker
HORRIBLE experience, however, I don't think it's entirely the seller's fault. This site was so confusing. Seller said she no longer sells via CraftIsArt; however, this is where I found her items. I was never able to successfully contact seller via this website. I tried numerous times to purchase...
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