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  • Rooster #3 - rooster figurine, rooster bronze statuette, rooster metal figurine, rooster on stand
  • Snail - a bronze figurine, snail miniature, snail statuette, metal snail
  • Thimble Hedgehog-a bronze thimble,metal thimble,sewing item,collectible item
  • Rat, cute rat, mouse on a base - rat figurine, mouse statuette, metal rat, metal mouse
  • Cute pig seated - a bronze miniature, pig figurine, pig metal statuette, pig for New year
  • Pig, piglet, young pig, pig figurine, piglet statuette, funny piglet, bronze pig, pig 2019



Hello! Thank you for stopping by! We are a medium size workshop devoted to manufacturing bronze miniatures. We are working in cooperation with several sculptors and the basic theme in our crafts is nature, wild life, animal world as it is so great and powerful!