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etrelles Working with leather and cobbling shoes through 4 generations and over 90 years.

We all sneak off to the secret underwater workshop where we make insane leather goodies. Things you need. Things you like. And it's more beach front than underwater. Or ocean-adjacent.

A small family shoe repair business that I've commandeered for my own work. Everything you see is made by Allen and I. Mucho thanks to my father, Terry (the cobbler), Francisco (el purse-maker extraordinaire), and my mother (the craftiest person ever), who taught us what we know.

Etrelle's (pronounced UH-Trell-EEs) was named for our matriarch, the beautiful and talented late Ethel Luneke. We hope her proud spirit carries through in our work.

We use the finest leathers and exotics and always carry a huge assortment of colors and designs.

Most of our selections are one of a kind items, due to natural variations in the grain of the leathers and patterns and prints. However, we always welcome custom orders and the opportunity to make your own, unique.... thing. Whatever it may be.

We also carry a large selection of exotics.

* * CUFF SIZING - I measure the wrist size of each cuff based on the measurement from snap to snap and then subtract a half inch for wrist movement.

*RETURN POLICY* - Customer satisfaction is numero uno - if you are unsatisfied with your purchase please contact us and we will make it right. Returns are accepted up to 10 days after receiving your item. Custom orders are only half refundable.

*SHIPPING* - We are more than happy to ship internationally! All customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer. We mark all customs forms as OTHER.
** All orders (not custom or wholesale) are shipped ASAP (within 2-5 days).

**WHOLESALE** - Please contact me regarding any wholesale requests!
- All wholesale orders are to be unique (Once your item(s) have been worked out they will NOT be sold to any other person). This way we can ensure our quality and unique work for you.
-We do require our name remain on the item(s) ("Etrelle's made especially for__x__")

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