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Last Updated: 08/25/2011

How do I place an order?

Craft Is Art offers the most easiest way to buy items online, you do not even have to be a member to complete a purchase. Simply browse our website, use our search feature, find the items you want to purchase, click on "Add to Cart" on each item you want to buy and when you are ready to checkout, simply click on "My Cart" at the top of the screen and select the Checkout method of your choice.

Regular Checkout

This method allows you to become a member of Craft Is Art, among the many benefits of being a member, one is the fact that you can track your orders by having an "Orders History" section inside your account, and you can leave feedback for the sellers you bought from based on your experience (communication, shipping, etc).

Quick Checkout

This is the easiest and fastest method, unlike "Regular Checkout", you do not need to become a member, you go straight to the Checkout process (One easy step!) and that's it!. However, you can become a member and use this method as well.

The Checkout Process

  1. Payment Method.  Most of our sellers take PayPal, Amazon and/or Credit Cards Online directly on Craft Is Art.
  2. Billing Information. If the seller takes credit cards directly on Craft Is Art, you will be presented with an extra SECURE form to fill out your billing information, you can select 'Same as Shipping' to fill it out automatically!
  3. Shipping Information. Enter your shipping information, you will have time to review it in the next steps.
  4. Comments/Message. You can enter a message to the seller for custom items and/or specifications.
  5. Review and Pay. Review your shipping and payment information, and click on "Finish and Pay" to finalize your transaction.

Additional Information

If your preferred payment method was either PayPal or Amazon, once you click "Finish and Pay" you will be taken to a SECURE page on either website to enter your billing information, once you are done you will be taken back to Craft Is Art to retrieve your Order Receipt. If your choice was "Credit Card" this step is avoided.

Email Receipt and Confirmation

An email will be sent to you containing detailed information about your recent purchase. The seller will be notified as well.

General Information
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