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Last Updated: 12/13/2010

What fees do I get charged?

There are different types of fees, and they are applicable depending on your Account type (Basic, PAYG or Premium).

Premium Account holders do not pay any of the fees listed in this section. Listing price, Extra Stock, Special Add-On, Free Shipping Add-On, Coupons, Sales commission, etc. (Current fees can be found here).

The Listing price is how much a regular listing costs. If you are listing an item without variations (sizes, colors, etc.) and you have more than 1 in stock, each additional stock unit you enter for that listing will incur Extra Stock fees. For instance: If you are listing a necklace, and you have 4 of the same, you can enter 4 in the quantity field and you will get charged for 3 extra items, since the first one is included in the listing price. The same concept applies to items listed with variatons, each variation can have more than 1 stock unit.

Extra stock units for each variation will incur charges. For instance: You have a T-Shirt and have 5 with the same design and color, but in different sizes, you entered "Sizes" as your variations group and "Small", "Medium" and "Large" as the variations for that group, then you enter 2 stock units for "Small", 1 for "Medium" and 3 for "Large", you will get charged for 3 Extra Stock units, since "Small" has 2 stock units total (1 extra), "Medium" with 1 stock unit (0 extra) and finally "Large" with 3 stock units (2 extras) = 3 extra stock units.

Other applicable fees are Special Add-On and Free Shipping Add-On.

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