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Last Updated: 08/17/2011

What is Auto Renewal?

With the introduction of our new feature "AIR" (Automatic Item Renewal) we are now allowing both our Premium and Basic Sellers to have their items/listings renewed automatically when they are about to expire.

Provided that the listings are from Premium Sellers or Premium Listings from Basic Sellers, "Auto Renewal" can be set to prevent items from expiring, but most important is the fact that renewing items helps maintain their "freshness" within our search engine and other search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing therefore making items more visible and constantly rotating.

You can also renew your items manually, doing this has the same effect as the Auto Renewal feature.

Sold, Deleted and/or Cancelled items will not be renewed automatically nor can they be renewed manually. If you have sold items in your account that need to be renewed you will need to make them avaialble for sale by adding stock to them.

Inactive Items (Paused Items) will be renewed so long they are in-stock.

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