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icharming Hi, thank you for visiting my little work shop.


My dream is to create moments of joy in our life. What better way to help people create fond memories of their magical time than with a lovely piece of fine jewelry chosen especially for them. :)

And you will find out that most of my designs are petite and dainty which are perfect for for an everyday wear.

♥ Simple is the best ♥
I was born in San Francisco and living in Boston for few years. I always love to create when I was a little girl, so I chose to become a Jewelry Artist to express myself. My life experiences motivated my art of designing and creating jewelry. In my vision jewelry is a personal statement. It must be as unique as the person who wears it—and the one who creates it. I want to create something to treasure for a lifetime. My professional goals are not different from my personal ambitions. Each piece I make captures the theme I have carried with me. Always. Simplism!

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