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  • Hanging 3D Bird Christmas Ornament in Blue Yellow and White
  • Freestanding 3D Bird Christmas Ornament in Blues and Pink
  • Freestanding White Dove Ornament
  • Red and Beige 3D Bird Christmas Ornament
  • Red Cardinal Bird Christmas Ornament
  • Blue and White Freestanding Bird Decoration


Upcycling or Recycling - a beautiful second usefull life

Welcome to my shop where Recycling Works! Giving a second life to rescued materials gives me great joy. I work with discarded designer wallpaper, upholstery, leather, wall coverings, fabric, and paint samples to create beautiful gift tags, which make handsome bookmarks. I have a wide range of recycled, upcycled treasures available to share with you.
Visit me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SuzanneMedrano
and find me at http://www.Crafted-By.com