Harmonic - accordion - TOY miniature copy - present - TOY miniature musical instrument
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Harmonic - accordion - TOY miniature copy - present - TOY miniature musical instrument

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The true origin of such a musical instrument as a harmonic has not yet been precisely established. Some sources claim that the it was invented in Germany, others - that in Russia.Alfred Mirek, a professor of history and theory of music, argued that a modern harmonic appeared in St. Petersburg. This is the work of the Czech engineer Frantisek Kirsnik, who then lived in Russia. In 1783 the master presented his work under the Czech name - harmonica. In Russian - accordion. After half a century, Kirill Demianov, a Russian craftsman who lived in Vienna, gave the modern look of harmonic. The body has become carved, the key layout is two-sided. A year later, it was released into mass production in Russia. The name accordion is inherent in the instrument in Russia. In other countries, the more generalized name is harmonic. Compared with the accordion, the harmonic has smaller sizes, fewer octaves, there can be only one key in the harmonics - the major or minor scale.Harmonics can rightfully be called an international instrument. Many countries have their own national harmonic instrument. From each other, they differ in size, keyboards, sound, but the principle of operation is the same for all.Size 5 * 7.5 cm, thickness 3 cmIt is A TOY. It DOESN'T PLAY music.


Width: 3.00cm
Height: 5.00cm
Length: 7.50cm

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