The Beginning

Craft Is Art started in 2009 as an online retail store selling mostly jewelry and fashion accessories from non-handmade manufacturers, it did not take long before we realized that handmade was better.

For some reason, given that we were selling non-handmade items, we started to receive inquiries from people wanting to sell their handmade items on Craft Is Art so we decided to accept their listings despite the fact that we did not have an automated system in place that would allow sellers to list their own items and upload images.

So in late 2009, Craft Is Art, a United States based company located in Las Vegas, Nevada was born as a marketplace. With less than 10 sellers at that time, we are proud to say that in one year time we have been continuously growing adding thousands of sellers and items, generating thousands of dollars in sales each month and building dozens of tools and features useful for both buyers and sellers.

Our Mission

We believe in simplicity, we strive to make Craft Is Art the most user-friendly marketplace on the web, a website that is easy to use, eye-catching, and most importantly, a place that is engaging in all senses where buyers are able to make purchases in the most secure and efficient way and sellers able to actually sell and make a profit.

We love to be part of the process, ultimately our main goal is to help you be successful, because if you are... we are.

Step by Step

Since its beginnings in late 2009, Craft Is Art has been growing steadily, each month surpassing the one before in traffic, buyers, sellers, items, and of course sales, but as many startups, Craft Is Art was born unfunded with basically zero dollars in its pocket but with a heart full of inspiration, dedication and trillions of great ideas ready to be deployed at any moment.

Craft Is Art is still a new venue, it is indeed a small site compared with other venues but we take pride of our work and we are 101% positive that we are the best option in the market, and with your help and patronage we will continue to grow and to provide the best artisan marketplace!.

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