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Last Updated: 12/14/2010

As a Seller, How do I cancel an Order?

Before cancelling any order please make sure you have tried to establish communication with your customer to determine the causes for not submitting payment.

1. Did you contact the buyer to request payment?
Buyers can get confused about how to submit a payment to you if they selected a payment method other than PayPal, Amazon or Authorize.Net. Sellers accepting PayPal, Amazon and/or Authorize.Net receive payment before any order gets processed (if at checkout time, the buyer selected one of those methods). For other payment methods, orders get processed and sent to the seller for review, at that point, sellers need to request payment.

2. How do I cancel the order?
You may ask for order cancellation if:

  • The Buyer did not pay and is unresponsive to the Seller’s request for payment.
  • The Seller has refused service to the Buyer. If the Buyer has already paid, the Seller has refunded the Buyer the total amount of the order (including shipping and taxes).
  • Seller has shipped the item(s) and Buyer did not receive them. Seller has refunded the Buyer.

3. Did you leave feedback for the buyer?
If you intend to leave feedback for your buyer (if registered), you must do so BEFORE cancelling the order. You can leave feedback if the buyer created an account with us, in many cases, buyers usually use our "Quick Checkout" method to speed up the purchase process and they do not create an account, in this cases you will not be able to leave feedback.

To cancel the order please use our Support Form, select "Orders/Purchases" as the subject and include the order number and the reasons of why you are cancelling the order.

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