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Fertility, Pregnancy and Wellness Jewelry

WELCOME! Thanks for looking at our fertility, pregnancy and wellness jewelry!

Artsy Chicas Fertility, Pregnancy and Wellness Jewelry draws on the metaphysical properties and energies of natural semi-precious gemstones. Our Fertility & Pregnancy Jewelry is designed for you to have a daily reminder to stay positive, and to channel your hopes and dreams into a healthy pregnancy and birth. Each jewelry design becomes an amulet that is both a positive and symbolic token to help you on your journey to motherhood and beyond.

Fertility bracelets make wonderful gifts for friends and family who are struggling to conceive. Please message/e-mail us with any special requests (artsychicas@gmail.com). Each bracelet is custom made for you, and alternative charms can be added or beads mixed up! We would love to help you on your journey too!

Customer Updates:
"Hi Ladies, I just wanted to let you know that your bracelets work! My husband and I have been trying to have our 1st baby for 2 1/2 long years. We did a cycle of IVF which was unsuccessful. That's when I purchased 2 bracelets from you - Juno and Luna.I swear it did help me relax. My husband commented how it was nice to have me back - that I seemed like myself again and it had been a while. That's when I knew the bracelet was working. Now here I am stunned that I am pregnant." Traci.


Rating: 1 1 of 5 by jdelgado824
Actually I was excited to receive the item but it did not last very long the bracelet broke in a couple of days and I contacted craftisart.com and never received a response.
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