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Hi my name is Lynn, I am a artist/designer by heart,(I even have a degree in it) but ever since I was old enough to draw or to create something I have been crafting away. I love to crochet, work with beads, draw, photography, create one of a kind gift baskets, and to sew but I am willing to learn new things every day.
In April 2004 I became licensed to actually sell my goods here in Washington State. I have done so and also helped several non-profit organizations and churches with fundraisers.
Lately my inspiration has been the birth of my grandchildren Daniel , Clark & Izzabella. They have inspired me to create one of a kind bib’s, burp cloths, and baby blankets. I have also been inspired to create more baby items. Hence the birth of NGB LilSprout collection.
I hope that you will enjoy my shop as much as I have enjoyed providing it to you. I look forward to providing you with more one of a kind, handmade, quality items.
Thank you for stopping by Natures Gift Basket.

I am open for any comments, suggestions, ideas, and trade.

Have a great day!
Natures Gift Basket
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