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Last Updated: 01/31/2012

Promotions and Special Offers Policies

  1. High Volume Sellers
    The "High Volume Sellers" promotion allows NEW sellers on Craft is Art to get a substantial discount on their Premium membership monthly fee by adding a certain number of listings to their "Online Store" on Craft is Art based on the discounts table provided on the Craft is Art Studio (Blog). All items must be valid, they must include at least 1 (one) image, a solid description, a valid price and they must be listed for at least 1 (one) month for the discounts to become available, unless the item(s) get sold exclusively on Craft is Art. You are required to maintain the number of listings in your account in accordance with the discounts table mentioned above for at least one month for the discounts to become effective. There are no refunds available; sellers may opt-out at any time.
  2. Free Business Cards
    This offer is only valid for NEW sellers with a Yearly Membership that selected the “I want my Free Business Cards” option during the sign up process. After payment for the yearly membership has cleared, 100 2" x 3.5" Business Cards Color on both sides will be shipped to the location specified by the seller. Shipping charges will apply for sellers residing outside the continental United States.

    The information on the front side of the business cards can be customized, 3 short lines are available for information such as name, phone number and email address. The actual design of the business cards cannot be modified.
  3. Locked-In Premium Fee
    Premium Sellers that opted or qualified for a “Locked-In”  monthly or yearly rate will not see such increase during the life of their account unless the specified terms below:
    1. Sellers with two (2) unresolved Non-Delivery cases and/or two (3) Buyer Contact Requests will be removed from any promotion and/or locked-in Premium fees.
    2. Billing information is invalid for over 7 (seven) days after the Premium Fee due date.
    3. Account was cancelled/suspended and then reinstated.
  4. Referral Program
    1. Members are provided with a number of codes they can use to bring NEW members (sellers specifically) to Craft Is Art. When these codes are redeemed, members who provided those (Referrers) are entitled to receive a discount based on the membership selected by the new members (Referrals).
    2. Referral accounts must be valid, they must have a shop configured with at least 1 payment method available, store policies in place and a reasonable number of items listed within 30 days of the sign up day, otherwise discounts along with the referral code will be cancelled.
    3. Referrals must be new members to Craft Is Art, current sellers at Craft Is Art cannot use their own referral codes to create accounts in order to get discounts, accounts found using their own codes to get discounts will be suspended without prior notice and will not be entitled for any refunds (if applicable).
    4. Referrals discount cannot be combined with any other discounts from other promotions/specials on the website such as “High Volume Sellers”, “Seniority Discounts”, etc.

Effective as of 1/28/2012

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