Referral Program

Our first Referral Program is ready!. Earn discounts on your Premium membership fee by referring new sellers to Craft Is Art. Share your codes with your friends, family, associates, etc. Use Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools to spread the word about Craft Is Art.

How it works

You are provided with 10 referral codes that you can give out to anyone interested in selling their items. There are several ways to use these codes, we are listing a few ideas:

YOUR URL. This is the easiest way, you can simply post your URL on forums, social networking sites, etc. (
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Upcoming Changes on Craft Is Art

We want to keep you in the loop of what is going on behind the scenes of Craft Is Art, you may already noticed changes made to the site in general, to the home page, to the product view page, and to the look and feel of the shops, but a lot more is coming, and the plan is to continue improving the features of the site, not only for our sellers convenience but for buyers that often need an incentive to complete a purchase, so we want to make it easy and comfortable for them as well.

These are some of the recent changes made to the website:

Shortened Header. The inside pages now have a shorter header (where the Cra...
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