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This tutorial was posted in our Forums by Faith from AlaiynaBDesigns you can follow the thread here. We considered it to be very informational and useful and decided to use it as a blog post giving all the credit to its author, Faith.

Selling online can be much more difficult than in person because buyers cannot physically see and touch our products. Because of this, we all know how important our product images must be.

If you sell a unique product that is in demand without a lot of competition, you will still make sales. If you sell in a more saturated market, you need every available tool to your advantage to set...

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Keeping our promise of continuously implement new features to the website for both buyers and sellers, we have recently incorporated one that we consider very important as it opens the doors of international markets; the Currency Selector.

Currency Selector

This new feature allows buyers from countries other than the United States to get prices of items, shopping cart subtotals and checkout totals in their actual currencies avoiding having to jump from one website to another to get an accurate quote of their expected prices to pay. We are starting with 7 currencies (United States Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pou...

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For the past months we have been working on new features and improvements to the site that will have an impact on how listings work in general. These changes will have an effect on both Premium and Basic Sellers. It is important to remark that we continue to learn from your feedback and it is very important for us to know what you think and what you want to see on the website, so please send us your comments and suggestions so we can continue on our journey of making the best marketplace!.

Please continue reading to learn more about the latest changes and new features:

AIR - Automatic Item R...
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Premium vs Basic

While there are a few differences between Premium and Basic sellers, there a lot of benefits both accounts share, just by being a seller at, you have access to an ever-growing list of tools and features that allow you to get your products exposed to thousands of shoppers online every day.

Craft is Art is known for its usability, both sellers and buyers find it very intuitive and easy to use, for instance, buyers can easily buy your products without even having to be a member, they can add your products to their shopping cart while browsing a category, searching for a product or viewing...

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Referral Program

Our first Referral Program is ready!. Earn discounts on your Premium membership fee by referring new sellers to Craft Is Art. Share your codes with your friends, family, associates, etc. Use Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools to spread the word about Craft Is Art.

How it works

You are provided with 10 referral codes that you can give out to anyone interested in selling their items. There are several ways to use these codes, we are listing a few ideas:

YOUR URL. This is the easiest way, you can simply post your URL on forums, social networking sites, etc. (
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Listing Your Handmade Crafts the Right Way

When we want to sell our products online, we usually start by looking for the Online Venue to sell them on, when we find it, we sign up for an account, we browse through the options the site offers, and then we start creating.

We finally have a few items ready, we go back to the site, we click on "List a New Item" and then we face our first challenge: The name or title of my product.

Our goal is to get our items found on the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo and the right title for your item will greatly help that purpose, but why?, why is it so important to name your items properly?. Two words: search ...

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